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    The Ultimate clamp for joining 90-degree Pocket-Screw joints. Features a steel pin on one arm that fits snuggly into one Pocket-Hole to clamp the-pieces together as you drive a screw into an adjacent hole. This clamp makes pocket-hole joints as easy to clamp as they are to make. One side of the adjustable locking plier clamp is formed into a pin that mates perfectly into a 3/8" pocket hole, and the other side has a swivel pad that allows the clamp to align perfectly with the mating surface. Comfort grips eliminate pinching when releasing the clamp. Once you try the RAC you will wonder how youve been doing pocket-hole joints without it! Also great for assembling all types of box joints.

    -Align workpieces in 90-degree registration -Anchors the workpiece firmly in place
    -Swiveling pad automatically adjusts to your material dimensions
    -Great for assembling all types of box joints
    -90-degree clamping made easy