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Skil SPT77WML-22 7-1/4" Magnesium Circular Saw
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Item #: SKI-SPT77WML-22 -

The latest and lightest worm drive continues the long tradition of SKILSAW quality, rugged durability and consistently exceptional cutting performance. Weighing in at just 11.5 lbs., it’s 4 lbs. less than it’s predecessor and the lightest worm drive saw on the market. The rugged magnesium housing stays strong but keeps the motor cooler, giving you powerful performance job after job. Legendary SKILSAW worm drive technology meets our best-in-class Dual-Field™ motor, invented specifically for...

Skil SHD77M-02  7-1/4" Magnesium Circular Saw
Price: $209.95
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Item #: SKI-SHD77M-02 -

The Legend. Reborn. The legendary Worm Drive SKILSAW has been reborn to become the world’s lightest worm drive saw! Introducing the MAG77-LT: It has all the power and performance of the worm drive SKILSAW you love, but 4-pounds lighter to reduce user fatigue. The only thing taken out of the MAG77-LT was the weight. The MAG77-LT is still packed with lots of features such as a 53-degree bevel with zero adjust and positive stop at 45-degrees, a multi-function wrench stored in the foot that not...

Bosch CSW41 7-1/4" Magnesium Circular Saw
Price: $219.95
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Operating at 15-Amps and weighing just 13.2 pounds, the CSW41 Worm Drive Construction Saw is a lightweight saw that doesn't compromise durability and power. This model features sturdy magnesium housing and a die-cast magnesium footplate for true strength and a lifetime of reliable use. Five ball bearings provide added stability, strength and life to the motor and worm drive gears. An advanced oil lubrication system also helps to ensure longer gear life. The lightweight design reduces user...

10-1/4" Magnesium SKILSAW Worm Drive with Diablo Carbide Blade
Price: $398.99
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Item #: SKI-SPT70WM-22 -

The new boss of big cuts has arrived. This 10-1/4" Worm Drive saw is designed specifically to cut 4x on all types of material in one pass. Precision and balance are crafted into the design, so you'll knock out big cuts quickly and cleanly time after time. With magnesium construction, brass Worm Drive gearing and our Dual-Field motor designed specifically for cutting, this saw is built to be relentless. Includes a Diablo carbide blade to make sure you’re cutting true from day one. ...

Skil 7-1/4"  24T Saw Blade  Skil 7-1/4"  24T Saw Blade
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Item #: SKI-76924 -

This SKILSAW blade is triple sharp for smooth cuts and excellent finish. Control cut shoulders reduce kickback, while the Micrograin carbide stays sharper, resists impact damage for longer blade life. There's less friction and pitch buildup for fast effortless cutting with its speed coat finish. Thin kerf makes for faster cuts and less waste, but the extra hard steel plate resists bending and deflection. Blade has a diamond arbor.Size: 7-1/4"Teeth: 24 (carbide)Thin KerfArbor: Diamond Knock-Ou ...