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    Bend Tech EZ 3D Tube Bending Software uses a multiple document interface. This allows for working with several different parts (documents) at the same time. Standard windows tools are exclusively used throughout the product. You will find standard pull down menus, tool bars, combo boxes, tree views, minimizing, maximizing.

    Custom Template Input Window: The Custom Template Input Window allows for a user to define a custom shaped part. A user may declare from 1 to 6 bends. Apex and tangent dimension types reduce the limits of part design. Fractions and decimal values are available for input.
    Manufacturing Instructions: Cut length, weight, and bending information are available on the screen and on a printed setup sheet. A bend identifier refers back to the template design.
    Shaded View Window: The shaded part provides a true representation of the part design instructions. The color is provided from the user's defined material library.
    Material Library: Every material that you use can be stored into the material library. Material values include diameter, wall thickness, name, weight, and color.
    Tooling Library: The tooling library is a definition of your tools and how they effect the bending process. The tooling values include the name and the centerline radius (CLR).
    Calibration Wizard: The calibration wizard step the user through the process of exact bending calibration. Bend-TechEZProductName will automatically select the calibrations from the database when the material / tooling combination is selected.
    Multiple Document Interface: Bend-TechEZProductName 's interface allows for simultaneous viewing, creation, and changes to several part.
    Part Settings Selections: Tooling and material selections are based upon your inventory. Display settings include decimal or dimension locations.
    Large Selection of Templates: There are dozens of templates to choose from and many more available every month from the web site www.2020ssi.com/bend-techez/templates. Most templates are available in centerline, outside, and inside dimensions.