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    1-1/4" to 2" capacity

    The Gorilla ‘Door’ Gripper is a gripping hand tool designed for lifting materials from the top, carrying and moving solid core doors, counter tops, wood table tops, marble and granite slabs and other such thick materials up to 2”. Its gripping thickness range is 1-1/4” to just slightly over 2” (31mm to 52mm). You can carry all of those thick, heavy materials and more…with surprising ease!

    This and all models of the Gorilla Gripper grip from the top, making it easy to position, providing wonderful leverage, permitting a full field of vision while carrying and encouraging proper and safe lifting technique. Each Gorilla Gripper has a soft-cushioned handle that serves as a lever, using the weight of the panel to create clamping force. With the non-marring rubberized gripping pads the gripping plates pivot to remain parallel, self-adjusting to the thickness of the material.