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6100T Pro Trimmer™ Tool Belt with Tape Holster (OCC-6100T)

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Pro Trimmer™ offers compact durability for any job. This trimmer set has most of the innovative features of our full size tool bags in a space saving design. This is an outstanding tool belt system for trim work and light framing. No holder...
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Pro trimmer

Great tool belt to have. I've had the fatlip set as well which has lasted almost 5 years and still in great shape. I don't do much framing anymore. So I went with pro trimmer as I work layout now. This bag has still enough room for most things I need. Along with my party chief surveyors vest I have more pockets than I need.

Would recommend for light work. The bags are stiff as they are new. Give it time to break in as you would with your work boots

Reviews 1-1 of 1