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    • 14oz
    • Mill Faced
    • Titanium
    • 18" Hickory Curved Handle
    • Framing Hammer
    • Superior balance
    • Magnetic Nail Holder

    When you look at the Titan hammers from Stiletto Tool Co., you can see it's a well crafted tool. What you can't see is that this may be the lightest framing hammer you'll ever hold. The reason? A solid titanium head that's a half pound lighter than a conventional steel head. Logic would dictate that more weight is better for driving large nails, but according to Mark Martinez, the Titan's inventor, this isn't true. The lighter head yields a faster, more powerful swing, he says, diving nails as well as a steel-head framer, but with less fatigue to the user. Titanium's natural shock-absorption keeps vibration in check as well. I drove nails easily using the Titan without swinging hard, and found vibration was minimal. I also liked the magnetic nail holder that allows one-handed nail starting. The Titan is available with either a milled or smooth face, and has claws that are long and fairly straight. The long hickory handle, available in a straight or curved (hatchet) style, offers great leverage. You can get a handle wrap if you prefer a little extra grip.

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