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    The Big Foot Pea Shooter is a must for any carpenter doing pick-up work on any frame job, either custom or production framing.

    The Big Foot Pea Shooter is capable of accessing difficult, narrow, tight spaces that are unreachable by a hammer or too high up to reach normally from the ground without a ladder.

    Thus, the Big Foot Pea Shooter eliminates the time-consuming and energy-sapping need to drag a ladder around the job site to address protruding nail heads.

    We all know that non-flush nail heads with framing will leave bumps in your sheet rock, a poor reflection on your work.

    The Big Foot Pea Shooter is the fastest way to knock nail heads down flush: just slip the end of the Big Foot Pea Shooter over the nail head and slam the slide hammer until the head is flush.

    The Big Foot Pea Shooter has a soft grip handle for easy handling, zinc coating to prevent rust, and rounded tip to prevent mushrooming.

    It’s Made in the USA