A quality choice in laser and torpedo levels. Checkpoint offers a variety of designs and colors to suit your building needs.

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Checkpoint 880 G3 Laser Level CP-327 laser level, checkpoint level
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Checkpoint 880 G3 Laser Level The patented 880 G3 Laser Level combines the best of everything in one package for the professional who demands accuracy and convenience on the job. Features include an upgraded Class IIIa laser that is three-axis aligned to be accurate up to a quarter inch at over 100 feet, a newly enhanced ergonomic 6061-T6 body with tripod mount, and threaded aperture designed to accept Checkpoint lenses and accessories. It has a built-in auto 45-degree angle for quick...

Checkpoint Ultramag G3  Level CP-300 checkpoint level
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Checkpoint Ultra Mag G3 Level PlatinumThe Ultra Mag G3 is second to none with a design package that will meet any contractor’s needs. It has a built-in auto 45-degree angle for quick referencing and perfect alignment, plus a 4-vial system including 90°, 45°, 30° and oversized 0° reading for easy viewing from oversized view ports that can be seen on all sides simultaneously for more sensitive flat surface calibration. Four oversized rare earth neodymium magnets supply extraordinary holding...

Checkpoint Ultra Mini G3 Level CP-303 checkpoint mini level G3, cp-303
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Checkpoint ULTRA MINI G3 LEVEL Blue The new Ultra Mini G3 has many patented features that helps make bending conduits and hard pipe easy and precise. It includes 30°, 0° and 90° vial ports that are viewable from the top when bending conduit with bender tool. A 30°/0° offset calculation is engraved on the side of the body for quick reference while performing bends. A thumb screw ties the Ultra Mini G3 onto the cut end of any pipe or conduit, and an exclusive notch machined into the end of the...

Checkpoint Level Square laser level, checkpoint level
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Checkpoint Square Kit (#1340)The Checkpoint Square Kit converts the EV600 Laser Level into a precision square to ensure precise angles have been set on plumbing, electrical and fabrication work. This will always make sure that every bend or cut has been made to spec, and you’ll never be wrong!Professional Features:CNC-machined alloy straight edge, with both US and Metric rulersMachined slot for complete adjustabilityPrecision injection molded level body adaptors for perfect workupsInstructions...