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BendTech EZ Tube Bending Software CD ROM tube bending software
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Bend Tech EZ Bend Tube Bending Software is a tube and pipe design and layout software, using templates for data entry. It is designed to minimize waste in manufacturing and fabrication operations by eliminating off-cuts and errors associated with manual calculations.Bend-Tech EZ is used for two-dimensional bends, providing the ideal cut length, weight and bend location information for manufacturing.

3D Tube Bending Software CD ROM
Price: $149.00
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Bend Tech EZ 3D Tube Bending Software uses a multiple document interface. This allows for working with several different parts (documents) at the same time. Standard windows tools are exclusively used throughout the product. You will find standard pull down menus, tool bars, combo boxes, tree views, minimizing, maximizing.Custom Template Input Window: The Custom Template Input Window allows for a user to define a custom shaped part. A user may declare from 1 to 6 bends. Apex and tangent...

PRO Tube Bending Software CD ROM tube bending software
Price: $275.00
Availability: 3-4 day lead time before shipment
Item #: BT-PRO -

Bend Tech Pro Tube Bending Software will allow your creativity to become reality. PRO has empowered the fabricator. PRO allows any fabricator to become a proficient tubing manufacture in a few short hours. If you are a serious hobbyist, start up shop or a small full time fabricator, PRO will save you thousands of dollars in costly rework and material scrap.From the Manufacturer:Bend-Tech PRO was introduced with our assembly interface which has taken the market by storm. With a modest price of...